Etiquette Rules


Marina Golf Club works for the pleasure of all players under R&A Rules of Golf. We expect your understanding of golf etiquette and rules.



a) Let the next players through if your golf ball is not immediately found.

b) When in par 3´s mark ball in the green and let the next players through to play their tee shot.

c) Leave the green immediately after completing the hole.

d) Rake bunkers, replace divots, repair pitchmarks or any damage on the greens.


Golfers must follow strictly the rules displayed in each cart.


The use of these devices is not permitted on the course. Please observe the RULES OF GOLF in particular section 1.


1. The players will play with poles or shirts with neck, sleeveless t-shirts are not allowed.

2. Players should wear long trousers or bermuda shorts. It is forbidden to play with shorts, swimsuits or jeans.

3. Footwear need to be the appropriate one, not being allowed to play with sandals, heels, or shoes with metal spikes.

4. It is forbidden to remain in the field without shirt or polo-shirt, in swimsuit or barefoot.

5. The same dress code is applied for the restaurant.

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