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Marina Golf Mojacaropened in spring of 2000, is located in the famous tourist area of Mojacar, in an extraordinary situation on the coast of Almeria, and it is one of the most attractive golf courses in the area. It was designed by Ramón Espinosa, whose philosophy was to combine the flat areas with the most mountainous lands in a relatively small space -5.231 metres long- that is ideally suited for a golf course of this type.

This 18 holes golf course has 9 holes which can be played really close to the beach, while the remaining 9 holes can be played along the mountains with different views and almost a different climate. There are some spectacular tee platforms, with excellent fairways and three lakes strategically placed to make the game much more interesting. 

It has undergone major improvements in woodland and gardening, into a perfect place to play golf near the sea, with stunning views along its layout. The driver shot on the 4th hole could be the most amazing shot of the golf course.


 Front 9 holes 

HOLE 1: Par 4 294m. Flat hole, the tee shot landing area is protected by a bunker in the middle of the fairway, there are also two bunkers close to the green that makes you think how to play the second shot. Watch the video!

 hole 1 Marina Golf


HOLE 2: Par 3 155m. Two bunkers protecting the green, one on each side, nothing on the front of the green. Watch the video!

 hole 2 Marina Golf


HOLE 3: Par 4 247m. It is one of the most spectacular holes of the course, uphill and right dogleg fairway. Green protected by two bunkers, and impressive sea views. Watch the video!

3rd hole Marina Golf 


HOLE 4: Par 5 475m. The tee is more than 50 meters above the fairway level and doglegs to the left. The green is protected by two bunkers. Watch the video!

4 hole Marina Golf 


HOLE 5: Short par 3 127m. Front bunker and out of bounds on the right hand side. Watch the video!


HOLE 6: Par 4 333m. Completely flat, but with out of bounds on the the right hand side and water hazard on the left. The green has a bunker on the left and one on the right. Watch the video!

6 hole Marina Golf 


HOLE 7: Par 4 316m. Ditch in the middle and some bunkers on either side of the fairway. The green is flat with two front bunkers. Watch the video!

7 hole Marina Golf 


HOLE 8: Par 4 320m. Almost flat, so it crosses the ditch as above. The green defended by a bunker front left and one on the right. Watch the video!

8 hole Marina Golf 


HOLE 9: Short par 3 169m. One of the most important of the course, it makes the player think about the shot. Watch the video!

9 hole Marina Golf 


Back 9 holes

HOLE 10: Par 5 480m The topography is more ondulated than the first nine holes but there are not here are not huge slopes. The shot to the green has to be accurate due to it is protected by a lake on the left and a bunker on the right. Watch the video!

 hole 10 Marina Golf


HOLE 11: Par 4 307m short and affordable, the fairway has no bunkers, and there is only one on the right of the green. Watch the video!

 hole 11 Marina Golf


HOLE 12: Par 4 276m. It has a very lively topography, with bunkers protecting the ball drop. The green is large and has a large front bunker on the left. Watch the video!

 hole 12 Marina Golf


HOLE 13: Par 4 245m Downhill tee shot. The green can not been seen from the tee, and the ball landing area is protected by a rough to the left and out of bounds to the right. Watch the video!

 hole 13 Marina Golf


HOLE 14: Par 3 155m. Parallel to the above, but with opposite orientation. It has a large green with a bunker to the right and front. Watch the video!



HOLE 15: Par 4 282m. A slightly right dogleg, but the road bends slightly to the left. Near the green to the left, we have a lake and the green is protected by two bunkers front bunkers. Watch the video!

 hole 15 Marina Golf


HOLE 16: Par 5 444m There are bunkers that protect the driver landing area and makes a slight dogleg to the left. The green is a little higher than the fairway. Watch the video!

 hole 16 Marina Golf


HOLE 17: Par 3 146m. Water hazard and two bunkers on the left hand side of the green. Watch the video!

 hole 17 Marina Golf


HOLE 18: Par 5 460m Water hazard on the right hand side of the green. There are bunkers on the tee shot landing area. A bunker as well on the second shot landing area, and finally the green is protected by two bunkers, one front and  other on the left. Watch the video!

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